Cathodic Protections



Passive Galvanic Cathodic Protection systems and impressed current Cathodic Protection systems both require periodic testing. It is necessary to ensure adequate corrosion prevention and to comply with federal and state regulations. Testing must be completed by a qualified Cathodic Protection tester, and in many cases also credentialed by the appropriate state regulating agency.

L.A. Perks NACE-certified testers thoroughly evaluate your system, documenting the status of all components. Our comprehensive reports provide the required record of completed testing for certification with state and federal regulators.


L.A. Perks provides Cathodic Protection system repair for aging or broken corrosion protection. All anodes have a finite lifespan, depleting over time until they no longer provide adequate corrosion protection. Rectifiers break from blown fuses to failed transformers. Often system wiring can be damaged during other site construction, repairs, or upgrades.

L.A. Perks will diagnose the problem and provide repairs for something as simple as a meter replacement to a complete installation of new anodes.


Our NACE-certified professionals analyze your system's requirements and create the appropriate Cathodic Protection system design to repair, upgrade, or replace your system. This ensures adequate long-term corrosion protection for all your underground metal components.


Our NACE-certified professionals will use equipment design and a soil condition assessment to provide a cost effective Cathodic Protection system. With L.A. Perks as your Cathodic Protection professional, we will schedule a site visit to assess the installation of the system. We work directly with the customer to establish the step-by-step process that will allow for a seamless installation. With our NACE-Certified installation team, your UST system will be protected and certified before you know it. L.A. Perks works with our equipment vendor to install your new Cathodic Protection as an integral part of your system.

Nevada License #12559 A,B,C - California License #678948 A, C, HAZ - Underground Tank Handler 1018, 2274, 2296 - International Code Council 5252502, 5264222, 8261592