Underground Piping Systems


Underground Piping Systems according the Code of Federal Regulations is classified as part of the Underground Storage Tank System. With that being said, next to the tank itself the underground piping is probably the most important part of the Underground Storage Tank system. This is exactly why we at L.A. Perks Petroleum Specialists, Inc. take great pride in making sure we select the right type of piping material for the project or location, and MOST important, that ALL piping installed by L.A. Perks is installed by a certified competent installation specialist whom truly cares about perfection in their workmanship.


Many of our customers have their own preference when it comes to what type of pipe they would like installed on their UST system. Some may base the decision on the cost of the materials or the speed in which the piping can be installed. Others may base their decision on the strength and durability of the material being installed, or even the life expectancy of the piping to be installed at their facility.


Flexible Piping is typically a poly type material that is properly formulated to be compatible with the product it is storing or conveying. The flexible piping it usually installed within a 4” chase pipe that is routed from the UST containment sumps to each of the Under-Dispenser Containments (UDC’s). This allows the customer the ability to replace the piping should there every be an issue with the piping material or an unexpected leak. Flexible piping does have its place in the petroleum industry and it has made a huge comeback with some of the larger players in the industry. Every year we see more and more of the flexible product making its way back onto the market allow companies to install underground piping systems to completion in a matter of days instead of 1-2 weeks. Please keep in mind, that with speed comes costs, but many would argue that the savings in labor may be wash when it comes to the price of the flexible piping materials and fittings.

Other types of flexible piping are products constructed of materials such as stainless steel. Now this type of flexible piping is considered flexible as it is made of a stainless steel corrugated primary pipe with a poly secondary layer followed by a UV resistant thick outer coating. This type of piping is much stronger and durable than the other poly type flexible piping systems on the market. Because of the stainless-steel piping strength and durability, this allows for the piping to be installed underground and aboveground. Again, the location in which the piping is may dictate the type of flexible piping to be utilized. This type of piping may be used at a marina where the piping is buried underground connected to a UST system and the daylights to be routed down the pier out to the fuel dispensers placed over the water. Stainless steel double wall piping system are a great choice in selecting an underground piping system that may convert to aboveground, but can also be used a piping material that is buried 100%.


Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic double wall piping or FRP piping has been the industry standard now for approximately 50 years. There have been (2) products that have been UL listed for the use with underground petroleum products and with a combined experience of 85 years, I would say they know how to build an underground double wall UST piping system. In fact, according to the website, both of FRP piping products on the market today, boast that there has never been an FRP piping system removed that was due to fuel incompatibility. This is way we at L.A. Perks Petroleum Specialists, Inc. ensure that we remain one of the most certified and well-versed contractors in the West Coast currently installing both of the double wall FRP piping systems today. We know at the end of the day we can stand by this product to remain stay liquid and product tight.


  • AO Smith Double Wall Fiberglass
  • Ameron
  • OmegaFlex
  • APT Double Wall 971 XP
  • APT Marina Flex 971 XP
  • OPW Flexworks
  • OmegaFlex DEFtrack Piping

Nevada License #12559 A,B,C - California License #678948 A, C, HAZ - Underground Tank Handler 1018, 2274, 2296 - International Code Council 5252502, 5264222, 8261592