Compliance / Testing



L.A. Perks knows the importance of keeping your facility in compliance with federal, state and county regulation's. Our knowledgeable staff has the trained professionals with specific expertise to ensure your system is compliant and on track. We will work with you to build a track record of testing and compliance results to satisfy each and every requirement for your petroleum system. Let L.A. Perks stand between you and the regulations, our staff is readily available to tackle any issue that may arise.

L.A. Perks Ensures Your Equipment is Compliant

Our compliance program is spearheaded by experienced and qualified professionals, is highly effective, efficient and comprehensive because it is based on extensive contribution and feedback from those in compliance roles and is designed to tackle the key challenges across three specific areas:

Monthly, Annual & Tri-Annual Inspections

  • Extensive experience in commissioning and validation ensures our clients' systems are compliant with applicable government regulations and can be provided within your budget.

Designated Operators / Record Keeping

  • Experienced consultants and highly qualified field crews provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your facility meets all requirements for performance and reporting. We will ensure your system is properly tested and inspected to avoid any possible regulatory suspension or closure.

Qualified / Certified Technicians

  • Our personnel maintain federal, state, and local certifications, as well as manufacturer certifications to provide a complete scope of UST/AST compliance services. Safety is always paramount; we ensure our personnel have all safety training and are OSHA certified.

Testing Procedures - L.A. Perks' technicians are trained, experienced and certified to perform:

  • SB-989 (Secondary Containment Testing)
  • Spill Bucket Testing
  • Vapor to Liquid Testing
  • Static Pressure Testing or Leak Decay Testing
  • Back Pressure / Blockage Testing
  • Annual Monitor Certifications
  • Leak Detector Certifications
  • Cathodic Protection Certifications
  • Meter Calibrations
  • Designated Operator

ON-SITE COMPLIANCE - L.A. Perks’ Technicians are experienced and certificated for:

Volumetric and Leak Detector Testing

Our team completes volumetric testing of pressurized product lines and leak detector testing required for annual regulatory compliance. These tests ensure your underground storage piping is secure and not releasing petroleum products into the ground.

Secondary Containment Systems Testing

We offer regular testing of Secondary Containment Systems (sumps, pipes, dispenser pans or spill buckets) for proper function and to alert you of any potential issues with leaks before any substantial damage is done to the environment or the drinking water supply. This is mandatory but also a prudent practice.

Vapor recovery testing

Vapor recovery testing determines proper function of all elements of the Stage I and Stage II system.

Beginning in January 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated that all Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (GDF) with a monthly throughput of 100,000 gallons or more conduct Stage I Vapor testing every three years. This includes:

  • Verification of submerged fill 12" or 6" from tank bottom (Dependent upon year of install)
  • Verification of installed Vapor Balance System for storage tank loading
  • Pressure Decay Testing
  • Pressure/Vacuum Vent Cap Testing

At L.A. Perks, we have state-of-the-art testing equipment and certified technicians to ensure your system is compliant. A malfunctioning system could release unacceptable levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, creating the potential for significant financial loss for the facility owner.

NOTE: Gasoline UST systems located in specified attainment areas are required to maintain, operate and test Stage II Vapor Recovery equipment all of which we are qualified and certified to do.

Depending on your site's location, regulations may require the following tests which we can perform:

  • Pressure Decay Testing
  • Dynamic Back Pressure Testing
  • Air to Liquid Ratio Testing
  • Vapor to Liquid Ratio Testing
  • Healy Vacuum Return
  • Tightness Testing
  • Healy Booted Nozzle Testing
  • Pressure/Vacuum Vent Cap Testing
  • Flow Rate Determination Testing
  • Liquid Removal Device Testing

Nevada License #12559 A,B,C - California License #678948 A, C, HAZ - Underground Tank Handler 1018, 2274, 2296 - International Code Council 5252502, 5264222, 8261592