Fuel Filtration & Tank Cleaning Services

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  • Fuel Filtration Services
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Fuel Filtration for UST & AST 4 & 5 Stage Filtration Process

When it comes to fuel filtration, tank cleaning, or fuel polishing we like think that we are #1. We have created the most advanced and sophisticated cleaning service of anyone in our industry. We have worked hard to develop a maintenance program, that when followed, significantly minimizes any future fuel contamination issues. Our record of satisfied customers says it all. No one handle fuel filtration like we do.

If your tanks require cleaning, our state-of-the-art equipment allows you to continue pumping with NO down time while we remove:

  • Water
  • Bacteria
  • Loose Sludge
  • Sediment
  • Debris
  • Contaminated Fuel

Our filtration process allows us to filter your fuel down to 1 micron; removing all forms of foreign matter from your system leaving you with a product that is cleaner than the day you received it. When we are finished cleaning your tanks, you will receive from us:

  • A detailed report on what we found in your system
  • Recommended Maintenance Program w/ Option of Return Post Filtration Fuel Sampling
  • The option to perform the recommended maintenance yourself or a proposal for L.A. Perks to handled this for you

If you are experiencing; complaints from customers, changing filters more frequently, UST equipment damage, low pumping rates, call us ASAP and we will be out immediately to assess and rectify the issue.

Nevada License #12559 A,B,C - California License #678948 A, C, HAZ - Underground Tank Handler 1018, 2274, 2296 - International Code Council 5252502, 5264222, 8261592