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1217 Solar West Drive
Spring Creek NV 89815
(775) 777-8711 Office
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441 Landmark Ln. #15
Spring Creek NV 89815

Division Specialties


Elko Division Team

Cody Engebretson - General Manager / Project Manager / Estimator

Cody Engebretson is the General Manager / Project Manager of L.A. Perks Petroleum's Elko Division. Cody and his team of highly skilled tradesmen specialize in constructing, servicing, and maintaining the petroleum systems of Northern Nevada's mining industry. Cody's years of experience and knowledge base allows him to wear many hats at the Elko offices. Their continued success within the Mining Industry comes from the ability of their team to strategically work together to ensure a solid functioning fuel system for each mine. Allowing them to continue doing what they do best; mine. Cody's operations differs from the Sparks Office inasmuch as they have the ability to work both on aboveground and underground operations.

Kylen Perks - Project Manager

Kylen Perks is another key element to the success of L.A. Perks Petroleum. Kylen is on the board as Treasurer of the company as well as being involved in most of the design and build projects secured at L.A. Perks. Depending on the project, his level and area of involvement varies. He does everything from estimating, project management to overseeing the design phase of projects by other project managers. Kylen is usually the lead designer/project manager for custom or new technology projects. He also works closely with his team at the Elko Office which primarily services the mining industry. Kylen's commitment to on-going training, certification, highly skilled employees and having cutting edge of technology in every aspect of the company's operation allows L.A. Perks to stay a step above the competition.

Randy Brown - Project Superintendent

Randy has been a part of the L.A. Perks team from the inception of the company and was personally selected and hired by Lee Perks. With over 30 years in the petroleum industry, Randy truly is a Jack-of-All-Trades and his vast knowledge, experience and cross-training qualifies him to successfully manage a variety of different projects; everything from gas stations to mine work. Randy has been extremely instrumental in developing both the Sparks and Elko Divisions. He is the type of guy that everyone wants to have on their job site; he is great to be around, is the go-to-guy when it comes to any questions regarding building fundamentals in the petroleum industry and is right there, side-by-side, with his guys. Randy is proud to carry a Local 350 Journeyman's Pipefitters card.

Jeff Ryder- Service Technician

Jeff is the Elko Operation's go-to Service Technician. His primary responsibility is to ensure the northern Nevada regions gas stations are up and running smoothly. Jeff is a very unique type of Technician, he is certified in most of the petroleum industry's latest products and software, has a strong construction background, and carries a Local 350 Journeyman's Pipefitters card. His varied skillset, experience and knowledge make him a valuable resource and team member on both service and construction projects.

Josh Dill - Construction

Josh is an all-around hand when it comes to working on the Elko Division's projects. With over 15 years' experience in the trades, specializing in carpentry and operating equipment, Josh knows the ins-and-outs around a construction project. Josh has a natural ability to wear many hats; everything from assisting his boss with project management responsibilities and small estimates, to staying in front and running various jobs, scheduling and procurement of materials. Whether it is a ground-up construction project or mine service, Josh is on all of the Elko Division's projects.

Nevada License #12559 A,B,C - California License #678948 A, C, HAZ - Underground Tank Handler 1018, 2274, 2296 - International Code Council 5252502, 5264222, 8261592